Main Features



Fully approved Betfair API solution - Full API gives higher performance and reliability, better odds than free API software, run multiple bots per PC for multiple strategies.


Automatically place Back OR Lay bets on UK,US,AUS,RSA,NZ Horse & UK, AUS Greyhound races depending on certain criteria. Win markets, place markets & SP.


Simulation Mode - Allows you test strategies, tipsters services or your own ideas without risking REAL MONEY!


Min - Max odds range filter - only places bets if within your limits

Choose the 1st/2nd/3rd etc. unamed favourite OR Individual and Multiple selections. Choose multiple favs automatically ie. 1st and 2nd favourite

Place bets 1sec - 24hr before the race starts
Quick Results - get race results instantly for UK horses, no more waiting
Min - Max number of runners and bets filter
Extra Scenarios - bet on 1st fav if 2nd fav < 7.00 odds etc.

Multiple staking plans - level stakes, % bank stake, fixed liability, % bank liability, powerful % recovery staking, fibonacci, Maria staking, target profit, lay 1-4, dutching & more to come


Stop loss & profit target - ensures you limit losses for the day and stops when your profit target his hit - A great safety feature

Trailing stop feature to protect profits already won.

Stop at a specific number of losing bets

Stop at a sepecific number of winning bets

Max stake/liability protection


Greyhound Strategies - bet on trap sequence, last winning trap, last two winning traps, bet on any trap/s on each race.

Amazingly powerful strategies!

% Back/Lay ratio filter - stops betting if the back/lay spread is too big

Unsettled bets allowed filter - stops betting until last x bets have been settled - ideal for accurate staking

Strategies - save or reload your different strategies

Adjust final bet by x-ticks up or down to get value or guarantee a match, can be used with Keep unmatched bets in play


Scheduler - load races at specific time and run bot, shutdown PC when profit target hit, shutdown PC after last race, reset after profit/loss target hit

Timezone selection - display races in your own world time

Allow unmatched bets, placed before the off,to go in play

Takes just 5-10min to select your daily selections
Export feature - exports your results to Excel .csv file

Date log - auto logging allows you to check any previous days action

Remove emotions from your betting - helps with more consistent results & profits with the phsychology of betting.

Simple to use - well it was designed for me!

Runs while your away - at work or doing other things, saves you sitting at your PC all day.

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