General Features

• Fully-automated.
• Supports both Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing.
• Up to 10 independent betting systems running in parallel.
• Back, Lay and System-determined bets.
• E/W betting supported for applicable markets.
• Dutch betting.
• Filter races by course, surface, distance or type.
• Automatic or manual selections.
• Automatically select by odds ranking, trap (Greyhound Racing) or money matched.
• Select single or multiple runners per race.
• Min/Max runners.
• Min/Max odds.
• Odds difference between selections and favourite, previous and next runner.
• Filter by odds ranges on ranked runners (e.g. 1st fav must have odds between 2.5 and 3.0; 2nd fav must have odds under 6.0).
• Automatic detection of both steamers and drifters.
• Full control over time that bets are placed.
• Adjust odds to increase chances of being matched first time.
• Supports Betfair Starting Prices (BSP) • Multiple in-built staking plans for both back and lay bets.
• Profit targets. • Stop Loss triggers.
• Stop betting after x wins, x losses or x bets.
• Supports multi-cycle betting systems.
• All bets logged and stored on a database.
• Bets can be exported to both Excel and The Staking Machine.
• Virtual bank per system. • Test mode (for applicable markets) allowing new systems to be tested without touching your real bank.

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0 #1 Frankie 2012-06-12 22:46
I've been using this product for about 6 months now. It is a great product with excellent customer support. A true 'set and forget' betting bot - highly recommended.