The Universal Betting Bot for BetFair X-Games

X-Feeder is an efficient betting software for BetFair Games. It allows you to play all six games: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Hi Lo, Omaha Hi, Card Derby and Bull's Eye Roulette. X-Feeder combines manual betting functions, such as one-click betting/cancelling, with powerful automated functions, such as automated green-up, stop-loss, auto-Dutching and above all triggered (conditional) betting. The latter option makes it possible for you to set up your own betting scenarios using a simple set of tools (buttons, text fields and drop-down lists).

X-Feeder is a wonderful opportunity to test your own betting system without risking a penny. With the "Test Mode" available in the software you can place your bets using "virtual" money. Bets are simulated, matched, cancelled and even settled in the same way as if they were posted to BetFair.

X-Feeder is based on the BetFair Games API. The API is free of charge therefore you don't need to pay an extra for it. The API also guarantees that X-Feeder will be less exposed to sudden crashes because of the code changes on the Games web site.

Get Xfeeder here: