Betfair and Betdaq - what they offer to betting punters as an alternative to the traditional bookmakers.

Online betting has revolutionised the gaming world with both Betfair and Betdaq claiming a large share of the ever-exciting action. Not everyone has the time to get to a high-street betting shop before it closes, but internet play can take place at any time of the day or night, making it convenient and easy for anyone with an internet connection.

Betting from home is becoming increasingly popular as online providers are all too often better equipped to offer greater odds than those of the traditional bookmaker. Added to that, there is a level of convenience which comes from not having to go out to place a bet and being able to stay at home instead.

With a huge choice of great games and countless different combinations, eager punters are able to avail of the best deals from the comfort of their own environment, plus there are extras to take advantage of like free games and betting tips, as well as free mobile apps.

Betfair and betdaq offer a level of flexibility and the chance to bet on all the traditional sports including cricket, racing and boxing, as well as a choice of more unusual games like roulette, table games and slots, often not found in an everyday bookmakers, sticking to a tried and tested formula.

Another key factor to bear in mind when betting is the safety aspect of handling money and after a big win you are unlikely to want to wander around the streets with a pocketful of cash. It`s always a consideration with traditional betting, but a risk which is thankfully not even applicable with the online alternative.

Both Betfair and Betdaq are committed to providing a great service and can also offer fantastic deals to new customers, adding to the personal touch found online and sometimes lacking at traditional bookmakers. With big cash prizes up for grabs everyday and ever-changing special offers, these popular betting sites are at the very top of their game and are likely to stay there well into the future.

With a wider range of games, ease of access and a huge variety, Betfair and Betdaq are well-placed to cater to individual needs and preferences, with very little effort required from the customer. From betting on premiership football to seeking top horse racing tips online betting looks set to get more and more popular as people`s lives get busier and more chaotic than ever before.