Soccer mystic is the revolutionary new Betfair software designed specifically for soccer markets. Brought to you from the same team that brought you the groundbreaking Betfair tool, Bet Angel; it will elevate your activity on soccer markets to extraordinary levels.


It has a vast range of unique features including the patent applied for ‘soccer mystic price predictor’. This incredible tool allows you to see the future of a soccer match and play out strategies before the match has even started. An intuitive signal strength indicator allows you to see how accurate the forecast is and sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities mean that Soccer mystic actually monitors and learns from the market as you use it. The more you use it the more effective it becomes!


Soccer mystic is incredibly easy to use and has a remarkable range of features. Click on this link to examine each one of these huge ranges of features in depth.


To succeed in these competitive markets you need to have quality information and a competitive edge. Remarkably Soccer Mystic delivers both and also delivers a wide range of tools to implement your strategies, whatever your betting or trading style. If you want the best chance of succeeding in Soccer Mystic is your unfair advantage!

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