BetTrader Features


BetTrader is a cutting-edge Betfair sports trading platform displaying live updating Betfair prices in a choice of feature-packed trading interfaces with blazing fast bet submission and a full range of trading tools.

We take full advantage of the Betfair API and deliver up to 20 refreshes a second. Place your orders faster and get the best prices. Hit the target every time.

The ladder interface shows all available prices, volume traded & amounts available.

The built-in training mode means that you can learn to trade or test out a new system without any risk of losing money.

 BetTrader, the first to display Betfair prices in the vertical ladder format in 2005, runs on Windows & Apple Mac

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Key Features

  • Live Betfair prices and market data
  • Ladder Mode
  • Grid Mode
  • Multi-Sports Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Extensive trading tools
  • Pricing options - free mode, subscriptions, day pass

Browser based
Cross platform
Free version
Live offered prices/last traded prices/matched volumes
Countdown clock/stopwatch
Tabbed markets in browser
Stake/Liability/Tick size/Hedged tick size/% of bank buttons
Weight of money indicator
Hedge button/live hedge amount
What if figure

Ladder Trading Interface

One click bet submission
Live price/volume graphs on every ladder
Drag and drop any horse into any ladder
Display up to 6 full size ladders on page
Full market depth
Profit/loss/hedged column
Right click stop loss
Right click net stake submission
Matched and unmatched bets displayed below every ladder
Change all column positions in ladder

Grid Interface

Displays best 5 available prices on each side
No mouse movement bet submission
Take price or make price with left or right click


Stop Loss
Tick Offset
Back/Lay Field
Timer bet
Timer hedge
Fill or Kill
Drip Feed
Price Chaser

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