Here you will find a list of Betting related sites that you may find useful.

HorseRaceBase - A Powerful & Unique Horse Racing Service.

Daily study of UK and Irish horse racing, Ratings, Horse race systems builders (create your own unique Betting systems), jockey and trainer reports, official ratings reports, stalls analysers, odds trackers and so much more...

If you are interested in UK and Irish horse racing and understand strategy and discipline are required then HorseRaceBase can assist you with your studies, daily horse racing activities and portfolio management. Try a free trial now!!



Excellent Betting forum for punters with a passion for UK horse racing.

Betfair Bet Checker.

As a punter you don't want to be left short-changed. So check your last few bets and see if Betfair would have got you the best price 30 minutes before the off. This site compares the prices against a number of Bookies prices.

Australian Sports Betting.

Australia Sports Betting provides tools, news and resources for online sports betting enthusiasts. This includes commentary on upcoming fixtures, an Excel betting tracker, discussion forum, online calculators, live bookmaker odds, historical betting data, betting agency reviews and tips on the latest sporting events. Use the category headings below to view the latest content. Alternatively, use the navigation menu on the left to browse by category.

Betfair Market Movers.

This link is very useful if you want to watch were the early money is going as it tracks steamers and drifters on the betting exchange.


Betfair Historical Data with a Timestamp.

Fully time-stamped historical Betfair price data is available to Betfair users. Replay Betfair markets in real-time after the market has been settled. Watch with accuracy the changes to the spread and matched money.

Fully time-stamped historical Betfair data services are available because Betfair licenses third party vendors to collect and redistribute data. The data is collected using the existing live Betfair API. It is therefore a representation of what Betfair users already see using the website or an API product to view the Betfair market.