Access your software from any internet computer/smartphone/tablet worldwide while your at work or away on holiday!

For a low monthly fee your Betting Bot or trading software can be run on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Each morning you log on to your server, sign into your account load up your bettting or trading software and select  your bets or trades for the day.

Then turn your computer off and your bets or tardes will be placed, just as you set them, just as if you’d used on your own PC, but it’s running on a remote server close to Betfairs servers, so bet placement speed is good.

No need to have your computer on all day. Save yourself electricity costs.

No need to worry your internet connection or power will fail.

Sound interesting?

We recommend you give a VPS a go from our partner.

You would choose say the VS500 with windows 2003/8 at around £15/month.

You can trial it for just £1 for the first week.

Click to link to our VPS Partner

Download this file (Betting-Bots-Usage-and-Setup-Guide.pdf)Betting-Bots-Usage-and-Setup-Guide.pdf[ ]384 kB6 Downloads